I wanted to share info about this movie because frankly, I haven’t seen it get much publicity or reception.
The Book of Life is an upcoming film directed by Jorge Gutierrez and produced by Guillermo del Torro. The Book of Life is revolved around the hispanic customs of La Dia de Muertos with an…

yourbottomdollar: No - I'm saying that they do it because they want to be black. Same as all the girls in Essex are buy 'black up' because they want to be Beyoncé. Same as I charge over £795 to white girls in town who have weaves in their broken, white girl hair. What I'm saying still stands and you can't negate it.








Alright, so I’m gonna just go on ahead and explain this to you because you seem like a nice person that also happens to be in a very dangerous position.

White people finding an appeal in the way black people look and act for their own pleasure and for their own image is not in any way indicative of them accepting black people

First of all, when they see a commercialized stereotypical image of a black man or a black woman, they assume that to be a representation of the overall black image which from the start is going down a bad path.

Little white boys trying to pretend to be what they think black is does not at all mean they love black people. I can be the first to tell you as a Floridian, a white dude that wears baggy clothes, dated G-Unit merchandise a du-rag and a snap back can still be in the KKK. And I know how y’all Europeans like to get and say that America’s the only racist place there is, well trust me them same white boys probably live next door to you so don’t assume for one second they are exempt from the same hatred.

And those white girls from Essex that get the weaves and the tans and the lip injections and the butt implants will be the same ones to turn around and see all that on a black women and they’ll dehumanize them and say that they’re ugly. Yeah they getting weaves from you but they still calling you a nigger behind your back.

Now I know this may be very hard to swallow as so many people think that because we live in 2014 that all of this just magically disappears but I’m hear to tell you that racism is right in your face and you may not want to see it because its masked in cultural appropriation and body imitation but just because somebody wants to look like you doesn’t mean they actually like you.

Speaking on black culture specifically, they love to accept our culture but they have not accepted us as a people. They like to take the little bits and pieces that they think are cool and hip and then leave all the stuff they don’t like and just toss it to the side and then brand it all as appreciation.

Now you can read this and accept or don’t accept but white people that want to be black don’t really want to be black. Granted they want to act black, they want to pretend and they want to play dress up and they probably want that black lifestyle that they see on TV that even the people on TV aren’t actually living because its made to look cool to them, but society does not love PoC.


Well thank you for your articulate and mature response. I appreciate what you’ve said. I just don’t believe POC should continue to play the victim. Like Cuba Gooding Junior films, yeah? Always with the victim face. The Purge. Brown guy with a victim story. Why? I don’t understand why.
Stop letting people tell you you’re the victims. You’re not. People pay a lot of money to try to have the things you have & I understand that you think that that is a negative. But calling me pale face won’t change anything, and pale face hurts just as much as nappy head do.

I haven’t called you pale face once. Keep in mind that I don’t eve know who you are but even from what you tell me you’re not even white so you can just drop that right now. And I promise you pale face does not hurt anything like nappy head does so you can drop that as well.

And I don’t get your movie references and their relevance to anything for one because you’re literally siting movie roles and that just has the implication that there is not actual victimizing going on in real life if you’re bringing up irrelevant fiction.

And no one is telling me I’m a victim. In fact, i rarely even call myself the victim. Pointing out the wrong done and the pain inflicted upon billions of people is doing nothing but that, pointing out the problem. In no way is it holding us back, in no way is it keeping me from doing what I got to do get to where i’m going. 

But ignoring the problem as if it doesn’t exist is insulting to all us that go through it and have gone through it and will go through it in the future. I don’t want my children and my children’s children still living in a world where this gets ignored and played off as innocence. Going through the same struggles to find identity and acceptance. Trying to find out who you are when you have everyone else telling you to be this stereotype and that stereotype.

Pointing out racism and xenophobia and white supremacy and any systematic oppression is not “playing the victim,” its showing you a reality that you still want to deny exists because god forbid the world isn’t as perfect as you were told it was.


Point very well taken on board believe me. But if I’m not white, why do I have people saying ‘you’re not even black’ when they see my father and I have your followers sending me anons calling me pale face and mayo face?

Because that’s what I need to hear just for having an opinion when it’s apparent - nobody knows what the fuck I am, only that nobody can pronounce my surname and ‘you can’t have a black Italian’…

I just really don’t want people feeling like they’re a victim. That shit keeps me awake at night. That’s all I posted for, to say please don’t feel that way. That goes for everyone. I hate it. I didn’t mean any offence and I certainly don’t pretend to know what I am talking about, it was angry word vomit of one opinion which might be entirely different in an hours time. Does that make sense to you?

Oh and having been called pale face and nappy head, pale face hurts more - because my hair is gorgeous so I don’t care but no matter how much fake tan I wear, I still get a million and one questions asking why I’m so white and my family aren’t. But what pisses one person off, may not hurt another, so who knows?

So i went to your blog and i see the anons and I really wish i could do something about that because believe me you are not the first one that has come here asking me to get the anons to stop. I don’t don’t know why they’re being coward on one hand and idiots on the other but i really can’t do anything about that. I don’t tell them to send shit and even when i tell them to stop they keep sending shit. I’d just turn off anon if i were you tbh. I mean, they’re idiots too. This is tumblr and idiots thrive here no matter what blogs they follow.

But trust me, none of us are playing the victim. Pointing out truths is all we’re doing. If you feel like somebody’s playing the victim then just move the fuck on. It really don’t have shit to do with you especially not to the point where you lose sleep over some shit.

And I honestly can’t help you on the pale face nappy head shit. Well I could explain to you the very different histories on both of those terms but i really don’t feel like it. You can google that for yourself.

But if you still feel how you feel after this whole conversation ( and seriously fuck everybody else chiming in on shit, this is just me and you talking for real other people have their opinions but I am the one talking to you, not them) then you can continue feeling how you feel. All I can hope for is that you grow into some sort of understanding even if its different from mine still I hope you just get some understanding. These type of things don’t come quickly to people but don’t even worry about it. You’re good, just keep doing you and you’ll find your own answers.


Elijah, after following this blog for a while and never having the balls until today to speak because my skin is white (probably only found the balls because of personal shit I’ve got going on made me snap and think oh fuck it) - I have to say that you’re spot on.

I don’t know if that means ‘I am wrong’, I don’t know if my anger has given me the balls to go THAT far and say that - but yep, you’re bang on and so there’s not much more to say other than that, and a thank you for spending the last hour talking to me even though I put my point across very angrily and not at all coherently.

I hope I find the place you’re at one day.

You should be proud of your blog, you’re doing good. Thank you ✌️✌️


You’re good. Just stay real and you’ll get to where you need to go

Mad respect to you


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talesoftwilight: Do you have any advice on how to get someone to stop picking on me for being half Asian? I have a handful of friends who have said "Oh, you're asian. Go do my math homework for me","Wow, you don't have straight A's? I thought you were supposed to be smart!", "your eyes aren't as squinty as your mom's" or something ridiculous like that. I tell them to stop but they just don't seem to understand how much it irritates me.


Idk, when i was bullied and picked on i never felt like i could do anything about it. Bullies don’t stop bullying because its what gives them purpose to their lives, its fun to them, there’s no such thing thing as being the bigger person when it comes to a bully because they really don’t give a shit unless you knock them the fuck out but then you’re the bad guy apparently. 

So how i handled it was i just looked at them as temporary people in my life. I knew that in a few years they wouldn’t mean a single thing to me, they wouldn’t be there to bother me so even tho they bug me in the present, in the future they would only be a memory and wouldn’t mean shit

all i can say is know who you are. Learn about self and be strong in your definitions of self, then no one can shake you or break you. And try to have people you can talk to about it and if you don’t have anyone then keep a diary, get it all out of your system and years from now when you look back you won’t even be able to remember what these jerks looked like.

You’re a strong individual and you don’t need their acceptance. You are you. it doesn’t matter what they say you are or what they think you should be because you’re already perfect and who they are now is insignificant to who you will become.

That’s at least how i handled it when i went through it

You could always just knock them the fuck out but then you might get in trouble because the school systems methods of discipline is a load of shit.


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"You can’t just change the race of cultural icons like Captain America! It’s an important part of their identity and message!"

Jesus: Ah yes.

Jesus: Can’t imagine who would do that.

Jesus: What a shame.

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Just saw the news on the jungle book live action adaptation, and I must say, that besides Mowgli and Bagheera, everyone else if not brown. I am the last person to be racist, or to hate Idris Elba or Lupita Nyong’o, both are talented and marvellous actors in their own right. But it should be…

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