Mercedes “Misty” Knight

Misty Knight was a hard hitting and controversial New York cop who lost her arm during a bomb blast. She resigned from the force and got a bionic arm courtesy of Tony Stark. A chance encounter with Spider-man and new roommate Jean Grey made her a part time superhero. On her own again she befriended Samurai Coleen Wing and made “Nightwing Restorations Ltd” a private investigations bureau. Here she met and fell in love with martial artist Iron Fist and befriended Luke Cage. During this time she fought theBlack supervillains BushmasterDeadly Nightshade and Moses Magnum.

She returned to mainstream popularity during the Daughters of the Dragonminiseries where she loses her original bionic arm. During civil war  she’s recruited by Iron Man to hunt unregistered heroes and she formed the Heroes for Hire. She and Iron Fist continued their relationship as she helped him save his land of Kun Lun.

A series of disastrous mistakes lead to the disbandment of the heroes for hire and the end of her friendship with Coleen Wing though she helped Iron Man take down World War Hulk and his army. She and Danny then get engaged and move in together but later end the engagement and the relationship when a shadow pregnancy occurs. She is left devastated.

During shadowland she joins with her friends to stop daredevil but cant convince him to end his hold on Hell’s Kitchen. She also uncovers her former partner using the ordeal to kill criminals who were never convicted duringShadowland: Blood on the streets. When Daredevil kills his long time enemy and he himself is defeated she questions her place in the world as all her friends have abandoned her or gone evil.

Misty under the control of Puppet Master revamps the Heroes for hire and utilizes various street level heroes based on their powers and abilities in exchange for money or information. When Puppet Master is defeated she continues the operation.

Bionic arm grants her superhuman strength and she can interface with electronics through the arm. The arm itself is a product of Stark Technologies made from Antarctic vibranium and diamond. This also allows her arm to liquefy even adamantium at close range. The arm also grants limited technopathy allowing her to control machines.

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