Princess Zanda

Princess Zanda is the latest of rulers of the African nation of Narobia. Unlike previous rulers however she has turned to crime to finance many of her unconventional activities. After many travels she became known as a worthy thief while her antics throughout Europe landed her the title of Paris Hilton of Africa. She first clashed with the black Panther when they both trailed a string of murders and Salomon’s Frog. During the adventure that followed Zanda developed romantic feelings for T’challa. In the years that followed her criminal record continued to climb while T’challa got married to Storm. When she heard of the impending nuptials she planned to crash the wedding and impersonated Storm while shopping for a wedding dress. When Storm found out she promptly kicked Zandas ass and she returned to Narobia in shame.


On a personal note: this character seems like she was purely created for some sassy bitch fight scenes between her and storm. That and she’s ridiculous….

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